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The Language of Light: Activating the Body Grid

The Origins: Where Did Body Grid Work Come From?

This practice is based in Dicksha or Deeksha, which in very simple terms, is a process of facilitating higher levels of enlightenment. The Body Grid work is based in the concept and teaching of Dicksha while integrating new age beliefs, principles and knowledge.


Enlightenment: What Does it Mean?
Enlightenment is a process of increasing levels of Light frequency. As we evolve, we move into higher levels of Light frequency. Our path of enlightenment is shaped by the Karma we came in with and the ways in which we interpret/frame the events in our life -- our ability to use those experiences to increase our awareness.  As our awareness/consciousness is increased, our Light frequency increases, our whole bodies become “Lighter” (i.e. less dense). We can invite experiences into our lives as opportunities to increase our Light frequency, supporting our path of enlightenment. Body Grid work can be one of those many experiences.


The Practice: What is It?

The Body Grid work practice involves the transference of Light from the Divine Source to one who is open to receiving it. The Light is from the Eternal Source, Creator of all That Is.  The Body Grid work activates points of Light in the Receiver’s Body Grid. Some of those blocked points of Light may be connected to chakras, some reside in intersections in the body’s meridian lines, and some are seen in the Receiver’s aura. Through preparation, prayer, love, intention and other specific spiritual practices, the Light is transferred through the Practitioner to the Receiver, illuminating and activating the blocked points of Light.  The Practitioner transfers the Light through a process that includes:

  •  The creation of safe and loving space,

  • Opening up the sacred channel,

  • Placing a Light touch on the third eye and/or crown chakra of the Receiver,

  • Transferring Light to release blocked energy along the Body Grid meridians, and

  • Infusing the Body Grid with love energy. 

When the Light is received, it illumines the Receiver’s being, connecting the Receiver to the Divine Source of Light and Love, and reflecting and enhancing the Receiver’s own Divinity (Light).


The Practice: What is the Benefit?

As it’s parent, Dicksha, Body Grid work can result in the individual Receiver increasing his/her own Light frequency, or gaining “higher levels of enlightenment.” This process increases one’s ability to be in co-creation with the Divine Source and to detach from the pulls of the lower Light frequencies. It allows one to move into Divine joy and peace and it calls and allows one to better reflect the Divine here on this earthly plane.  Enlightenment is experienced through stages of change.  An increase in a stage of enlightenment can result in:

  •  Greater acceptance of one’s self and an experience of one’s connection to the Divine Source      (feelings of joy, gratitude, love, grace, peace).

  • A greater sense of one’s own Divinity.

  • A greater ability to facilitate one’s own healing.

  • An illumination of one’s soul purpose and path.

As groups of enlightened beings, we come together to create spaces where Light energy is felt, tapped, and experienced. We co-create Light dimensions – spaces and places of healing and renewal, where all paths are honored, all creation is loved, where peace and joy are lived, where community is celebrated, where Oneness is recognized, and where grace abounds. In essence, this is the ascension process - not that enlightened beings leave, but that they come together in shared community to create heaven here on earth.


The Practice: Is it a Process or Event?

The Body Grid work is both a process and an event.  Body Grid work, in its simplest definition, is a “Light activation event.”  Enlightenment is evolutionary – it is a process that takes place over time. There is no level, stage, or frequency that is inherently good or bad – just necessary for our individual and collective soul’s evolution and for the evolution of the planet. Enlightenment is simply (and beautifully) a process of increasing one’s own Light frequency. Events in our lives, based on the interpretation we create, can increase our Light frequency.  Thus evolution is a life-long “process of enlightenment.” In the right circumstances, a Body Grid “event”, facilitated by a practitioner, may “jumpstart” a Receiver’s evolution. The success of the Body Grid work experience is enhanced by certain circumstances that include, but are not limited, to some of the following:

  • The Receiver’s willingness to fully embrace his/her own soul path and his/her belief in his/her own goodness (divinity).

  • The Receiver’s openness to receiving a gift of Divine Light and Love.

  • The Receiver’s readiness and intention to choose and take action on his/her own behalf, putting himself/herself first.

  • The Practitioner’s understanding of some basic spiritual principles so that a channel to the Divine Source can be opened and honored, resulting in Divine energy being infused into all aspects of the experience.

  • The Practitioner’s commitment to ground his/her practice in the highest good of all.

  • The Practitioner’s commitment to transfer untettered Light – that is Light that is not corrupted by the Practitioner’s agenda.

  • The Practitioner’s commitment to channel the love energy frequency for the energetic transformation of the Receiver.

The Principles: What are the Core Beliefs?

  • All things on the planet (and throughout the Universe) have a “Light Grid.” It is the electrical energy that creates and powers the life force and it exists in all things.  Only the frequency levels of each grid vary.  So, grid work can include working on the micro and macro level of increasing Light frequencies (from a water molecule to the planetary grid) to heal and evolve the ocean or to heal and evolve the planet – and everything in between and beyond.

  • Evolution of our Light Grid makes us more “enlightened”. 

  • Evolution is based in the need and desire to survive.  The need to survi



    ve is defined by the nature, situation and consciousness of any thing in existence. Human beings have consciousness, so we define “survival” in ways that include our spirituality.  For example, a rock has a Light Grid, but its evolution is much slower because its survival is less threatened and it does not have the depth of consciousness that a human possesses. Thus the rock has a less demanding need to evolve its Light grid.

  • Evolution of our human “Light Grid” occurs in many ways; through our life experiences that shape and mold us and through the karma we brought with us into this incarnation. It is how we interpret these situations that increase our opportunity to evolve. The process of evolution carries with it an increase in our level of Light frequency.  Over time, we become more enlightened.

  • The practice of Body Grid work opens up a channel between the Practitioner and the Receiver. It is important to know that the Light that is channeled through the Practitioner comes from the Divine Source, from above and below, in a sacred circle of elemental support, that is engaged through faith, grace, ritual and prayer.

  • The Body Grid work is a labor of love and is practiced with humility, joy and gratitude! The Body Light Grid activation is freely given, The Receiver just needs to open to receive Divine Grace.


Thank you to Divine Source, for Loving Beyond Comprehension, for the Gift of Grace, and for

an Opportunity to Serve! All that is required to live in Peace and Joy!

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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