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Services and Offerings

We are all different and each of us will resonate with different approaches

to help us remember who we are and to live in Divine flow.

We simply need to open ourselves and celebrate our own true nature.


Inherent within us is wisdom to guide, direct, love, and support us and to liberate ourselves to live

in joy, peace, and happiness! Tezikiah draws from many sacred traditions to offer a variety of ways to

discover and unleash the power of the Sacred Divine Within each of us.

These tools to empower the Divine within, include but are not limited to: meditative journey, chakra

clearing, toning, breathing techniques, ritual, visioning, affirmations, mantras, drumming, singing,

dancing, power words, sacred sounds, writing, sacred messaging, sacred object creation, and more.

Your inner wisdom and resonance will call forth the tools that will best assist in the discovery and

unleashing of your own unique Divinity.

Over the past 30 years, Tezikiah has provided:

  • Divine Life Coaching

  • Oneness Blessings

  • Spiritual Retreats

  • Inter-active group workshops

  • Presentations on sacred topics

  • Weddings, Baby Blessings, and Memorial Services

  • Earth-based rituals and ceremonies

  • Journeys to sacred sites, integrated with ritual, ceremony, and prayer

  • And more!

Tezikiah Gabriel is an ordained minister and an experienced consultant and coach, who holds certifications in:

  • HeartMath Training and Coaching

  • Deeksha Oneness Blessing

  • True Colors

  • MBTI

  • And more


Over the past 30+ years, Tezikiah has:

  • Founded The Academy of Healing, a modern day mystery school

  • Presented over 100 spiritually-based workshops, presentations, and retreats focusing on a variety of spiritual principles, practices, tools and topics, all with the goal of unleashing the power of the Divine Within to increase capacity to manifest peace, joy, and abundance

  • Conducted many weddings, baby blessings, and memorial services, often integrating cultural principles and practices, and alternative teachings

  • Facilitated numerous earth-based, religious, and spiritual ceremonies that combine the unique spiritual beliefs of the individuals with ancient and modern principles and practices to empower, affirm inherent goodness, and manifest and sustain positive outcomes

  • Coached individuals, using a variety of ancient and modern spiritual principles and tools to overcome life challenges, empower individual Divinity, and assist with the unfolding of each individual’s unique purpose, joy, and potential


If you are interested in learning more, Tezikiah welcomes your call. There is no obligation or cost to share and explore your needs, desires, and path. If desired, Tezikiah will work with you to explore your Heart’s Desire and set a course for revealing and nurturing your inner divinity. Committed to service, Tezikiah will work with you to provide what you desire within your values and resources. Oneness Blessings, as a gift of grace, are always provided at no cost.