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About Gabriel's Horn

There is power in our stories – our thoughts and ideas, what brings us joy, what we’ve discovered, what we think we know or believe, and what we celebrate!


What new ideas and concepts are you discovering? What gives you hope and gives your life meaning? What would you want others to know about what you are learning that is changing your life?

This website is for those who wish to enhance their own consciousness through sacred dialogue with others. Gabriel’s Horn invites you to read and respond to the blog posts and to consider sharing what has meaning to you in your spiritual life today. We are living in unique and powerful times. In sharing our deepest musings in this moment, we encourage our own evolution and the evolution of others.

Since early childhood, Tezikiah has been aware of her connection to Divine Source, her sacred and psychic gifts, and her dedication to service. Her lifetime journey has involved study in ancient, modern, and new age principles, practices, and tools. The purpose behind the study was to learn about and embrace a variety of ways to help herself and the people she serves to activate the Divine within.

Gabriel Associates (formerly Peterson Consulting, Inc.) was founded in 1991 by Tezikiah as an extension of her ministry by assisting nonprofit organizations to strengthen and enhance each organization’s ability to better achieve mission outcomes. Today Gabriel Associates has served over a thousand nonprofit organizations around the country. Gabriel Associates blends knowledge of best practices with compassion, and application of sacred principles.

Tezikiah is an ordained minister who is certified in HeartMath and Deeksha Oneness Blessing. Tezikiah’s lifelong spiritual journey has led her to develop and implement hundreds of sacred ceremonies, interactive workshops, and presentations – all rooted in empowering the Divine Within. Tezikiah is an empath, and a loving teacher and healer who models and empowers compassion, peace, and joy.

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