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A Message from Tezikiah

Hello Dear Friends …

It is my hope that you will find meaning, support for your Spirit, and something of value on and through this site. It is my commitment that I be of service. It is my knowing that the greatest service is to freely give and receive love. It is my vision that, through love, we can choose to change ourselves, and thus the ripples of change go out to those around us, our planet, and the whole Universe. We are all evolving our collective consciousness and when we change ourselves, everything changes!  


Love is the greatest transformative energy in the Universe and when we express love to ourselves and others, the whole Universe steps up to support us. So, it is with this knowledge and unfolding truth that I dedicate this site to all of us who desire to know ourselves as Divine Beings, eternally bound in ONENESS with Divine Source, and who wish to activate our God-Given Birthright to co-create change. I hope you will read and respond to what is posted on this site and consider posting something of meaning to you. The sharing and testing of new concepts and wild ideas can deepen our knowledge of ourselves and others as sacred beings, and support the evolution of our consciousness.

All is Well And So It Is!

We are Peace, We are Joy, We are Light, We are Abundance!

I AM, You Are, We are Love!